about us

Hello hello!  I’m Kristie, Founder of Sage and Blush Living.  I have had a life long passion for all things interiors. My mission is to share my passion for Interior Styling and creating that moment for you, where you love everything about your home and that you feel completely amazing & uplifted, just by being in your own beautiful space.

I get that people are too time poor to work through interior styling details & shopping around for homewares.  I get that you don’t want to spend all of your hard earned cash on styling your home.  I totally get that this really causes some people instant stress & overwhelm.  That’s why I’ve designed these Curated Collections for each room of your house, to remove that stress, give you back time and leave cash in your pocket.   I have worked with industry leading stylists to curate contemporary collections, of luxury homewares, that will completely transform your space and leave you feeling like your home belongs on the cover of a magazine.

“I feel instantly elevated when I walk into a beautiful space. I love those moments when you walk into a room and every single part of you knows that this is the space you’re meant to be, because everything is just so perfect & you feel so damn good just being there.

Aesthetics are important to me and I’m obsessed with making everything around me beautiful, because I firmly believe that your environment massively impacts the way you feel. I started Sage & Blush Living, because I want to help all of you create amazing spaces in your own home, that bring you moments of joy and happiness, every single day”.

I love seeing new names drop in to the inbox, so please feel free to say hello at hello@sageandblushliving.com or go old school & even give us a call 1300 013 207.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life”  by Elsie de Wolfe.

Best quote ever.  🙂

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