Limited Edition with Gold Pump al.ive Hand & Body Wash + Lotion duo with matching tray. Green Pepper & Lotus. Olive

$79.00 $47.40

The Gold Pump Duo is back, in a new limited edition colour range, packaged beautifully in a Christmas themed box, perfect for Christmas gifting, or a gift to self.

The Duo with gold pump includes a 500ml hand & body wash, 500ml hand & body lotion and a matching tray.

The al.ive body Australian made hand & body range combines product purity with designer aesthetics to stimulate your senses and shape your surroundings.

The al.ive body Green Pepper & Lotus Wash/Lotion Duo contains a luxurious blend of naturally derived ingredients, fortified with essential oils and native botanical extracts.

The bottles are made from HDPE plastic and our trays are made from ABS plastic. Both pieces are 100% recyclable. 

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