Message Sticks Green Canvas Framed Artwork


Message sticks were used as a traditional way of communication.

Message sticks were transmitted between different communities across the massive landscape of Australia. Messages communicated may have included announcements of ceremonies, invitations to meetings, corroborees, or marriages.

In many cases, message sticks were objects that granted its carrier a safe passage and entry into the lands of other mobs, and on some occasions, the sticks were burnt after the message was received, to keep some business confidential.

We are committed to working with suppliers who investing a stream of ongoing financial support back to our artist community. For every indigenous artwork sold, a percentage of the sale price goes directly back to the artist.

Add a beautiful array of colour to your space with this Stretched Canvas with Oak Boxed Frame.
This piece of art will be custom printed for you, so please allow approx 4 weeks for production & delivery.
Email us if you would like a quote on a different size or frame colour.