Sweet Passion Framed Print


Meet our soon to be new best seller!  Sweet Passion is pure style in the most perfect combination of colours and shapes.    This gorgeous print will pair perfectly with absolutely any space, and will also make decor pairing, the perfect dream.  Dependent on your view of colour, the blush may come through as the most prominent colour, or the green, or the blue.   Either way, all colours are perfectly balanced & this print will look amazing wherever you place it & guaranteed it will take peoples breath away, when they first lay eyes on it.

Sweet Passion here is priced as at 1200×1200, on a Stretched Canvas, in a Natural Boxed Frame.  Dependent on your space, my recommendation is to go large with this piece.  It is truly incredible and the styled image below really gives a true sense of the “wow factor” this will create.

Sweet Passion will be produced especially for you, so please let us know if you have a preference for another size or a different coloured frame & we can provide you with multiple options.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.